Hypnosis With Disturbance In The Brain And Epilepsy

In many patients, in spite of exhaustive efforts/investigations, no cause of epilepsy may be located. Such cases are called idiopathic cases of epilepsy.

However, an intensive drive is a must to detect any lesion in the brain which could account for an epileptic attack, the reason being, that if the cause of epilepsy is detected, it is usually treatable, and, therefore, the patient will be cured forever, and thus may not need a long course of. anti-epileptic drugs.

If, somehow, the cause remains UN-diagnosed/undetected, especially when the pathology is right in the brain, the disease will advance further, and besides the manifestations of epilepsy, other clinical features of the underlying disease will occur, making the patient a most complicated case for treatment. It may even prove fatal, if a lesion like neoplasm/malignancy / cancer in the brain remains hidden. This usually happens when detailed investigations have not been carried out, especially the most informative ones like CT scanning and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) etc. These are costly exercises, but all factors must be taken note of.

A thorough search for the detection of brain tumor is needed, especially in an adult / middle-aged / elderly person, more so when epilepsy is not being controlled in spite of high dosages of various anti-epileptic drugs, and the attacks are increasing both in number and intensity. In such cases MRI must be done, even if the report of the CT scan is normal, as the MRI is more effective in the detection of any pathology in the brain. In one of my hypnosis clients of about 7 years of age, epilepsy was not being controlled in spite of heavy medication, and even the CT scan was normal. An MRI was done, which showed the presence of a tumor in the brain. This was immediately operated upon, and the patient’s epilepsy was subsequently controlled.

It is very important to keep in mind that epilepsy may be the only and the first symptom of brain tumors, which may even continue for several years, before other manifestations of brain tumor appear. This usually happens when the tumor is a slow-growing one/benign in nature. Hence, whenever epilepsy occurs for the first time in an adult/middle-aged/ elderly person, a tumor of the brain must be suspected, and the case should be thoroughly investigated so that the treatment is not delayed. An early diagnosed and treated brain tumor has a very high prognosis.

Another cause of epilepsy could be either a recent or an old injury of the head, which also needs a thorough check-up.

Also, trauma induced by an injury to the head of a newly-born during delivery (i.e. birth injury/injuries) is an important cause of epilepsy, and again, even in such cases of birth injuries, epilepsy may occur after many/several years of birth. Further, epilepsy may occur when the brain function is disturbed due to the various other lesions in the brain called space-occupying lesions (brain tumor are also one of the space-occupying lesions), like an abscess, tuberculoma as a result of tuberculosis, infarction (i.e. damage of an area of brain as a result of occlusion of one of the branches of cerebral/ brain vessels, responsible for the blood supply of involved/ damaged area of the brain), and cysticercosis (i.e. a lesion in the brain which occurs due to ingestion of infected and insufficiently cooked pork), etc. Focal epilepsy following ‘tuberculoma’ in the brain is also seen.

Heredity also plays a significant role in some of the cases of epilepsy. Other important causes of epilepsy are fever, withdrawal of drugs or alcohol, toxemia, etc. which are likely to precipitate an attack of epilepsy. Epilepsy sometimes also occurs in a case of renal/kidney failure.

Irrespective of the cause of epilepsy, and including the cases of idiopathic epilepsy, where no reason for an attack of epilepsy has been detected, the nature or clinical manifestations of the attack of epilepsy remain the same.

Hypnosis with epilepsy can be promising because …

The treatment by regular health care is usually giving anti-epileptic medication. About 35% of the patients does not respond sufficiently positive and that is the reason why people are searching for complementary alternative treatment. Many alternative treatments are discussed and evaluated, to name a few: Meditation, Biofeedback therapy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, energy healing and hypnotherapy using hypnotic suggestions for epilepsy.

Hypnosis to Reduce Stress 

Doctors indicate that stress and stress related events can influence the number and severity of epileptic seizures. Clinical research shows that in these anecdotal cases there is a strong relation to stress related epileptic seizures. the specific stress factors are not yet specified sufficiently. Being troubled with epilepsy is a stress factor in itself and too much stress of not being able to cope well with stress is especially problematic for people with epilepsy. Factors that contribute to an epileptic seizure are sleep deprivation, hyperventilation, being overtired and overexerting oneself happen more often when feeling stressed. In an important research with 149 adults stress was the most important factor preceding a seizure. That is why stress reduction is an important factor for the well-being of epileptic patients.

Hypnosis is safe and effective therapy when working with a well-trained clinical hypnotherapist. In hypnosis clients is guided to practice relaxation techniques that is helpful to control and reduce the reacquiring seizure with the hope of eliminating it with time.  Hypnosis is very effective and helpful with guilt, shame, stress, anxiety, anger, fear, phobia, as well as working with past life regression that at times is known to be related to unresolved issues from the past.

Energy Healing to Treat Epilepsy

Since seizures cause involuntary changes in body movement or function, sensation, awareness, or behavior, calming or creating different electromagnetic communications in the brain’s electrical function is necessary to control them. Most seizure activity can be managed. Traditional medicine has been using medication and at times exterior electromagnetic stimulation procedures to redirect brain activity. Energy Healing is a non invasive option to treat seizures.

Energy healing directs energy frequencies that facilitate change in the electromagnetic fields of neural pathways and brain waves, thereby creating an alternative therapy for seizure control. In my practice as an energy healer, an 75-year-old woman was relieved of all seizures by reestablishing normal electromagnetic patterns within her brain waves. Dog seizures can usually be stabilized within a few minutes, and their recurrence rate diminished within a few days. A cat having seizures was immediately stabilized, and eventually required no medication. Energy Healing can effect seizure activity whether it is being focused by the healer either onsite at the client’s location, or sent as distance or remote energy healing. Even status epileptics seizures can be reduced to manageable events that present less often. An interesting note; when an energy healer is directing healing energy to a client who has a seizure service dog, the dog is aware of the different energy in the room.

Using focused healing energy electromagnetic fields from the healer to the client is becoming an area of interest and research in integrated medicine, which is the combination of allopathic medicine with alternative healing modalities. Energy medicine is becoming an accepted healing modality that allows those having seizures to have more options to control and manage their seizures in addition to serious procedures, long-term treatments, and heavy prescription drugs. Energy Healing is the cutting edge of future medicine to help facilitate health and well being in the client.

In conclusion

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and can be promising for people suffering from epilepsy. It is important to find a well-trained hypnotherapist and treat the person under the referral of a qualified medical professional. In any case it is important for a hypnotherapist to know if and how treatment is allowed according to local legislation. Furthermore a hypnotherapist should always refrain from any medical advice with regards to starting or stopping regular health care unless the person has a sufficient medical qualification to do so.

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