Parents & Me Classes

These Classes are for Infants ages 4 Months to a year or up to a walking time. This class is all about bounding with positive energy, and working on our babies stage of developments as to growing up happy:

This class will build your child self-esteem starting now. We as parents have tremendous influence over our children feelings of self worth. In my Class you will learn about your child feelings by letting them own it. Not only that, you will make more friends for your self and your child, you will stop using negative messages that can be very damaging to your kids, I will teach you self-Hypnosis, Relaxation, positive affirmation for you and your baby.

You will notice that my class not only will benefit the positive energy flow but you will be skilled with confidence to try new things, solve problems, avoid stress, anxiety, depression, feeling energized.

Why so early? Because at a very early age your child will store in all negatives messages he/she hears from TV, Conversation, arguments in to their sub conscience mind and when the child grows up. Snap something going to trigger that negative pattern to reality, and he may need a lot of therapy to go to. So I guess starting to communicate better with your child in a very early age, will help him/her to develop a strong belief system in their own abilities to become a happy child.

You will teach your baby a healthy habit and long lasting future benefits.

What Parents are saying?

“The best part of being a member of Mommy & Me is the friendships I’ve made.

” I enjoy some Kiddy time together with my child ”

” As a stay-at-home mom, it gets lonely. It is nice to get out and socialize with other women who understand what we go through with our Infant”

” I loved the idea that we can get advice from Doreen and from other moms in the group.

” With Doreen it’s like having a built-in mom, it’s a great support group”

” I love sharing the bonding time with my baby and with the entire group ”

” I have to say it, I had no idea that some of our massages can be damaging to our kids in the future – I really feel like I am in an ongoing therapy, and I will recommend Doreen’s Mommy & Me class to all my friends and family, This is not just a Mommy and Me Class, This is a life time rewarding class.