After having my son I had the worst hemorrhoids and I could never sit still. I was just before my final exam, Can you just imagine being a full time mother and a full time Student, the fear of what if??? Thanks to Doreen Cohanim my hemorrhoids are down to flat, Finally I feel relaxed again.
Yahel Biton- Israel 2004

“I’ve tried creams, supplements and even surgery right after having my first baby, that only lasted for a year, my hemorrhoids came back and even more painful, for nearly 11 years I was in pain. Then I skeptically I decided to try Hypnotherapy over the phone six months a go. I wasn’t disappointed, within days my hemorrhoids where gone. I can’t thank you enough.
Betty- B, New York 2005

My experience with Doreen Cohanim was a big WOW she gave me the ability and the power to take control of my personal life, as a professional I found my self adopting my clients negative energy and losing my motivation, Doreen provided me with the tools using Hypnosis to cleanse my self before each client, also she helped me to understand my behavior and where is it coming from, I recommend Doreen to all my clients and my friends, she is a wonderful Hypnotherapist to have around. I have seen 10 different Professionals and Doreen was able to provide me with the tools to change my life, She is a people person, so caring, loving and understanding. Looking forward to see you on the next session.
Cindy, Family & Marriage Therapist 2005

Doreen Cohanim brought a huge change in to my life using her talent hypnotherapy voice to me, her suggestions has become a powerful tool in my life. she helped me with Insomnia followed a bad habits, my motivation has increased enormously, and I am able to control my stress. I am finally having my life back finding my self smiling more rather grinding my teeth. Doreen is a GOD sent gift.
Chris, Professional Self Employee 2005

I was very skeptic of hypnotherapy. Yes, I was afraid to lose control and say things I shouldn’t say.. With Doreen Cohanim I learned that I’m in total control of the session. I used Hypnotherapy for self control, confident, Stress reduction, eating habits and Stop Smoking, I was a 2 pack smoker for 25 Years, I quit in one Session, It has been a Year and I am still an Ex Smoker.. Thanks to Doreen, I am healthier, happier and very relaxed.”
Mr. Smith, Producer. 2004:

Hi Doreen, I would like to personally express my gratitude to you for your commitment to your life’s work in healing others. You really are a godsend. You are quite an amazing hypnotherapist. Remember during one of my sessions when you told me you saw that pink light of self-love glowing around me? That light would not have glowed that brightly without your help. Sure, I had the strong desire to heal my issues and to become stronger, but you were the catalyst that brought it all together and made it a reality. The most important thing to me is that a therapist is warm, comforting, compassionate, and understanding. Your aura is so receptive and caring. It made it that much easier for me to relax during my hypnotherapy sessions with you. And as you know, a client’s ability to relax has a lot to do with the final outcome. I am happy to report that I am healed, and it shows in every area of my life. When I first came to your office, I was so heavy and burdened with carrying emotional and mental baggage and blockages all these years, stemming from my childhood and even adulthood. At the end of one of our sessions, you told me to look in the mirror and to tell you what I saw. I WAS GRINNING FROM EAR TO EAR, BEAMING WITH HAPPINESS AND JOY! For the first time in my life, I was feeling joy. You should know that the joy that I experienced that day in your office, several months later is still here with me. Hypnotherapy played a crucial part in my slaying old dragons and creating healthy associations. You also went on to explain the science behind the subconscious mind and how associations are formed. So not only did you do your job, but you took it a step further by walking me through the process. It is obvious that your heart is in your work. Anyone who has a session with you will notice that immediately. When I first started having sessions with you, I was out of work and completely frustrated that I hadn’t yet found a job. Now I am working consistently, at excellent pay, and my career is flexible and it suits me perfectly. You told me I would find my perfect work, and I have! Your style of hypnosis was almost like prophecy. The other benefits I have noticed after hypnotherapy with you are that I am much stronger emotionally, I am totally confident and self-assured, I have revamped my diet, and I’m doing yoga regularly now. I am so much healthier on every level. My relationships flow now. It has become easier for me to be proactive and deal with things before they get out of hand, rather than letting things build up and then exploding later. Spiritually, my awareness has expanded a million-fold. Last, but not least, the people I am attracting into my life are all very healthy, balanced individuals, as they mirror the new me. I feel like I’m in a totally new universe, Doreen. I thank God for you. Keep up the great work! Yours truly, Tara Harris

Tara Harris

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to share some exciting news about my friend Doreen Cohanim. When I first met her I was run down and physically tired, but after sitting and experiencing the power and practice Doreen teaches concerning meditation and hypnosis all that changed! I immediately felt a difference when I got up the next morning the sluggish feeling I previously experienced had dissipated, my energy level increased and I was able to accomplish things I hadn’t been able to tackle.
Doreen Cohanim is a very beautiful person with a heart to serve, if you have any needs please call or email her for and appointment.

Kim Warner
I must tell you all about Doreen’s Hypnosis Weight loss MP3! I brought it about 2 months ago for a friend of mine and she has lost 15 pounds. The weight loss MP3 has help her to get control of the over eating and cut back on her food intake. She also started exercising, which is something she has never done. The wonderful thing about this is there is no pill’s and you learn discipline and control changing the sub-conscious mind and the impulses that have become habit forming to the conscious mind.
Monday, November 26, 2012

Scott T.This was awesome! Doreen is such a good listener and is very skilled at using hypnosis to help you deal with deeply seated personal issues. Wasn’t what I expected at all – it was way better.
Thank you!!       Scott T. Simi Valley, Ca  3/6/2015
angela s. I took my teen daughter to Doreen & she helped her get rid of negative thoughts & self talk.  I’ve never tried hypnotherapy so I was a little concerned but after meeting Doreen, I want to bring everyone in my family in to see her.  My daughter is much happier.  You can trust Doreen & she will help with whatever problem you may be having.  Highly recommend!