Weight Loss for Diabetics

Diabetic Weight Management With Hypnosis…

You Can Manage Your Weight…

Why Hypnosis and what makes hypnosis different from any other diabetic weight managment program?

Q: Do you accept insurance or medicare?

A: No I don’t. Both have specific requirements which I am not eligible for and both would dramatically increase your cost. I do my best to run my hypnothice as “lean and mean” as possible. This translates into my being able to spend my time working with you rather than working with your insurance company.

Q: Why do you have a waiting list?

A: Most of my referrals come from family doctors who I have worked with in the past. They have patients who have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and refer them to me. I also have many of my clients refer other family members who also have diabetes. A small percentage of my clients are those who simply find my website.

Q: Since you’re not local, can you help me with my diabetes. And don’t you have to examine me or something?

A: I am not a doctor. My mission is to educate you about diabetic and I rely upon your doctor to approve your Diabetic Weight Management health and fitness plan and to help me monitor your progress. Everything you and I will do will be done via education and hypnotherapy sessions in the office or via the Internet followed with hypnosis MP3. I’ve invested quite a lot of money in a private communication system to ensure you receive all information from me and to protect your privacy.

Q: The ADA is claiming that sugar is ok for me and that sugar really isn’t the problem. I am so confused. Is sugar bad or not?

A: I understand your confusion and your frustration, I can’t answer this for you.

Q: I tried Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers but none of them worked for me. They sold me because of their commercials and all the testimonials they had on their site. Why don’t you have testimonials on your site? I think you’d have a lot more clients if you did.

A: Fortunately, having more clients is not an issue for me. I stay busy. To answer your question, I work closely with doctors and chiropractors and it’s important that I follow the same HIPAA guidelines they do to ensure the medical confidentiality and privacy of my clients. Both my website and the way I stay in contact with you must be secure. Unless the clients want to share their testimonials.

Q: I heard that you have a criteria for determining if you’re going to work with someone or not. Can you tell me what conditions would prevent you from working with someone with diabetes?

A: Although I do my best to help as many people as I can, I am just one person. Therefore, I limit myself to working only with those who truly want me to help them. This way I maximize my time and not charge the one who are not ready or willing to make it happen, by doing that, I allow my self to help those who really want to lose weight and manage their diabetes. I can help people with Type 1 Diabetes or who are currently taking insulin shots. And, people who want to quit smoking, chew tobacco, stop recreational drugs,and stop their alcohol intake.

Q: My doctor is suggesting that I start thinking about taking insulin shots. I really don’t want to. I’m desperate for another alternative. How long will I have to wait before you can help me?

A: If you’re doctor is recommending insulin shots then ask him if you can try hypnosis first. If he agrees then lets work ASAP. Be sure to attach a note requesting priority because your doctor is recommending insulin shots. I won’t guarantee anything but I will do my best to move you quickly up the list.

Q: I want you to know that I am willing to follow your recommendation to quit drinking coffee, is hypnosis really an easy way to stop?

A: Yes, because hypnosis is the best affective way to convince your mind that this is the right thing for you. What most people don’t realize is that caffine is actually a poison or venom that the plant has created to keep predators away from it. This is the reason why your heart speeds up and your adrenal glands start working overtime. They are responding to your body being poisoned. You would have the same effect if a snake bit you. The only difference is that the snake bite would be more immediate and fast acting. Caffine on the other hand is slow acting and not as dangerous. Over the years you’ve been pouring caffine into your body and slowly poisoning it. Your body has been storing this toxin/poison in your connective tissues. Caffine is one of the causes of cellulite. Other causes are the transfats you were eating and the artificial sweetners you were using.

Q: How many clients can you work with at one time?

A: Because of the enormous amount of time required to create a custom Diabetic Weight Management program, conduct one on one visist or phone consultations and follow up with my clients on a weekly basis the maximum number of clients I can assist at any one time is twenty per month. However, I do my best to keep my maximum to fifteen because I want to ensure that each of my clients receives the maximum benefit.

Q: I’ve suffered from constipation for years and never knew what caused it. It never occurred to me that water and having my gallbladder removed would effect my bowel movements. I also didn’t realize just how dangerous using stool softners were. Thanks to you I’ve effectively eliminated the need to have hemmroid surgery. Why don’t doctors know this?

A: Like everyone else doctors have different levels of skills and knowledge. I find that doctors who are not associated with a hospital tend to be better than those who are. The reason for this based upon my working with the disabled is that the doctors who are working for a hospital are being told by the hospital administration how to be a doctor. Or how long they can spend with each patient. What drugs and therapy they can prescribe. They also have the drug companies sending their drug reps trying to push various medications on to their patients. And, they have health insurance companies who have nurses who make the final decision on how your condition should be treated. Effectively allowing insurance companies to practice medicine without a medical license. It literally took me more than 5 years to find a doctor who could correctly diagnose clients with medical problem. It was something that all the other doctors needed to find out the first time. In the end it wasn’t even a doctor it was a licensed physician assistant who correctly was able to diagnos clients medical problem.

Q: Can you tell me more about this hypnotherapy system that you use to communicate with your clients?

A: The system is similar to meditation, and it is followed with mind body connection to communicate with your subconscious mind, followed with relaxation technique and positive suggestions. It’s a bit difficult to describe. Basically, I create a relaxation pattern that you’ll later learn to do it by yourself via downloaded mp3, this allows your mind to reinvent and reprogram your old behavior into a healthy pattern.

Q: What do you think of the Zone Diet? Should I try it?

A: I won’t make any comments on any diets. I believe that the fact that most of these types of diets have been on the market for more than five years and the fact that diabetes and obesity is still on the rise is testament to how effective these fad diets are.

Q: How did you come to choose to specialize in diabetes?

A: I was trained by a diabetes educator from the the family medical practice to help clients. When I met with the educator for the first time, I saw first hand what diabetes did to her and was happy to learn more about it, so I could educate my clients firt before I offered any hypnotherapy sessions.

Q: Do you eat the same meals that you recommend?

A: Yes, I do indeed. I first test everything out on myself. I practice what I preach. That’s how I know if you cheat. I can tell if you really used the recipe or have changed the food item I recommended because I know what to expect.

Q: My husband has diabetes and recently had a stroke. Do you think you could still be able to help him?

A: I understand about strokes. I worked with client who had it, the system as the same as with any hypnotherapy session, so I can help you with other problems associated with the stroke, and I can help you with the diabetes part as well. I believe what you may find out is, that after working with me, his health will improves so much, so the liklihood of him having another stroke will not be an issue.

Q: My partner referred me to you. I saw how successful he was in losing weight and managing his diabetes and want to get control over mine. This is a little embarrassing but I’m also starting to become incontinent. Do you think hypnosis would help me to improve my bladder control?

A: This would depend upon the cause of your incontinence. In most cases I’ve been able to help others with this problem. There’s a rather simple exercise you can do that will help you in this area.

Q: How quickly can I lose weight and how much will I lose?

A: I really can’t tell you. Without your medical history and knowing your current health or how much you’re overweight it would be impossible to say. The only thing I can say is that those with a lot of weight to lose usually lose the most within the first two to three months. Then it’s pretty steady after that.

Q: My doctor told me that I also have an under active thyroid. That this is one of the reasons for me gaining so much weight. Is this true?

A: If you’re a diabetic then having an under active thyroid aka hypothyroidism is rather common. Yes, it’s true that an under active thyroid is a contributing factor to gaining weight. This is something that will be addressed in your custom Diabetic Weight Management plan.

Q: What if this doesn’t work for me. Will I still owe you something?

A: Unlike a weight loss clinic, you must do as I tell you to do, It is easy to do with hypnosis, and If your Diabetic Weight Management plan is not working for you all you have to do is let me know, so I can find out what is the real cause and if you have any secondary gain from not losing the weight, so i can give you the right suggestions. And if you don’t tell me what’s going on, I wont know what to do… The last thing I want is for you to be wasting your money on something that’s not working for you.

Q: Can calories with aerobics get your heart rate up?

A: For someone who is physically fit and perhaps a few pounds overweight aerobics is fine. It won’t hurt them. But for people I work with who are usually 50lbs or more overweight their heart is already under enough stress and it really doesn’t need any more. Aerobics has several problems for people who are physically unfit and overweight. First, the body quickly acclimates itself to the level you’re at. Meaning if you run 15 minutes and use 50 calories your body will quickly adapt to this so in a few days you have to run 20 minutes to lose the same 50 calories. Then 30 minutes and 45. Whereas if you use the exercises I recommend you don’t have to keep pushing yourself harder and harder for the same caloric burn. The second problem is that once you stop doing the aerobic exercises then you also stop burning the calories. With the exercises I recommend your body will continue to burn calories up to five hours after you stop. If you’ve ever been to the gym and notice that the women on the aerobic machines don’t seem to have lost any weight although they come in faithfully day after day for months — they’re still the same weight.

Q: Have you ever been overweight or are you one of those people who have always been fit and maybe gained five pounds and thought you were fat?

A: No, I have never been overweight. But I have been up and down, but never overweight, and I also don’t have diabetics.

Q: I’m a little more than 25lbs overweight. I know that strength training is recommended for weight loss. I enjoy doing strength training but looking for something a little more challenging than the usual. I understand that you have a program called “Hypnosis For Weight Loss” do you have any videos available for purchase?

A: At the moment I don’t have any videos. It’s on my “to do” list but frankly this is keeping me very busy. I’m lucky if I get to the gym most weeks. If there’s enough interest I’ll make some time for them. My clients are getting a lot of muscle gain from my hypnoFitness workout. Which of course translates into weight loss. It’s based in part on Personal Fitness and Hypnosis.

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