Sadly some Doctor’s will do anything to give hypnotist a bad name…

I recently saw an article posted by my friend stating that the article will upset the hypnotherapist amount us, but before jumping to conclusion, she suggested to read the article that was written by a P.hD And yes, she was right, it was upsetting! And I was disappointed to read about the lies this so call educated PhD was sharing with her followers. The article was titled “Narcissists are Hypnotists: How You Can Break the Spell”!

Honestly, I was really annoyed, because what she said was not true!

Reading the article was an eye opening and also a confirmation that some professionals will go out of their way picturing hypnotherapist as an abusive and controlling people. I mean, common, this is coming from a so called educated P.hD who passionately was out there giving us hypnotherapist a bad name, simply by comparing our profession to a narcissist.

She wrote: “How they hypnotize: Narcissists have one main technique for putting you into a trance: they take over.  They draw you into listening to them as they talk about themselves or about some other thing as it relates to them.

Narcissists are good at being the center of attention, and since this often makes them interesting, clever, quick and witty they will be able to command your full attention.  They pull you into their orbit by getting you to focus on them.   You start to feel pleasantly passive and entertained.

In this state you are lulled into giving up all subjectivity.  You find yourself agreeing with them, taking their lead.  You want them to like you. The result is that unlike compulsive seducers, narcissists don’t try to make you feel loved.  They make you feel that life is good because you are their best and biggest fan. You have given up your independent will and become their audience.  You are hypnotized.

Staying hypnotized

Because hypnotism has great powers to persuade, you may end up wanting to prolong the feeling of being in the narcissist’s orbit.  You will be persuaded to feel that you want to befriend them, that you want to be like them, and want to help them.  You want this because….well you just do. If you relate regularly to such a person you will enter into their world on their terms.  You will end interpreting things in terms of what they would say or do.

But life in this world is a one way street.  You are the audience and they are the star.  In their world what matters is “looking marvelous” and never feeling that anyone is superior to you.    The charm of their world makes everything else ordinary.

Breaking the spell

Breaking the spell is hard.  You care a great deal about what the narcissist thinks of you.  And since you have given up your independent sense of self around them you feel like it would be very hard to decide to look at things critically.  If you work for such a person you have an even greater need to maintain the status quo.”

My friends, if you’re intelligent and an educated person, and have knowledge about hypnosis or hypnotherapy, you would know that her information is purposely is to give us the hypnotherapist a bad name, because it’s not a secret that some Doctors, MD’s and P. HD’s will go the extra mile to give us the hypnotist a bad reputation.  Why, because they simply can, they have the badge that says Ph.D., and isn’t true that some physician takes advantage of their power to poison their own spouse so they can inherit the money after their death? Of course not every single one of them, but the one who have a sick mindset like this one who calls herself “Professional”, you don’t believe me, Google it and do your own research, you will be surprised that many of those Time line movies about doctors hurting their love ones, are physicians.

From reading her article, I can tell you with confidence that the so called Dr. Linda PhD and sex addict therapist is the narcissist herself! Why, because she’s using this article to manipulate you into agreeing with her, which makes her “Important”. I must say, it’s very cleaver of her to do so, but I disagree 100% with her allegations and her misinformed information about hypnotists.

So you know, No Hypnotist talk about themselves, unless they are introducing you to hypnosis and who they are and how they became a hypnotist or a clinical hypnotherapist! This is nonsense, our job is to listen to the client and build a rapport so we can use our clients own information back into their subconscious mind in a positive and rewarding way. Please before you jump into conclusions assuming this information is accurate; and that we the hypnotist are narcissist, I urge you to educate yourself about what is hypnosis and what it isn’t. You can start educating yourself by clicking on this link >>>  What Is Hypnosis?

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