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Relationships are about growth and understanding and moving toward shared goals together.  If you have lost something in translation…

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There is only one word to describe what we want… growth.
It is an inevitable truth that we grow in a number of ways, but sometimes we get stuck for a minute or two, especially in our relationships with loved ones. How do we get unstuck?

Every Relationship Reaches a Plateau

These are places where the relationship feels as though little is happening. Often times, a seeming lack of progress can be seen as negative. Sure there are times in the relationship that seem less exciting. Relatiinship Coach. Doreen Cohanim is skilled to see these plateaus as a chance to reframe what is happening. Relationship plateaus can be seen much the same way you would a flat piece of land on an uphill hike. In other words, plateau can be opportunities to take a breather, to regroup, replenish and to reinvent.

Going Back to the Beginning In Order to Move Froward

If you’re in a marriage or a relationship waiting to take it to the next level, or simply looking for better ways to communicate with the one you love, a marriage or relationship counselor can help you focus on the strengths that bonded your affection from the start and help you get back on track to help you solve the issues that brought you to this page.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy has been proven to have positive effects no matter what stage of the relationship. Coach Doreen and  use evidence-based approaches to relationship coaching, meaning that the relationship and marriage counseling is designed and tailored to each couple. In other words, the relationship counselor adapts his or her approach to the couples’ needs using the most effective clinical and research tools to meet your concerns.

Individualized Care For the Pair

Relationships are about shared experiences and moving through life and discovering new aspects of oneself together. Relationship therapy should reflect this as well, meeting you where you are at and being creative in resolving conflicts and increasing channels that help us to listen to one another. An effective relationship therapist, like Coach Doreen uses an array of approaches to meet general goals of the relationship by getting to know you on a more personal level, a hallmark in helping couples find unique solutions to their own unique issues.

What Does This Mean For You?

As a couples counselor, relationship expert, and marriage therapist with over 11 years experience in the field, nothing truly surprises Coach Doreen. You can find answers to any questions you have. Want pre-marital counseling? She offers that. Need help getting back to a familiar and supportive place in your relationship? She help there too. Discover what made you fall in love in the first place again.

Relationship and Marriage Counseling

Learn how to communicate with your partner. Learn how to listen to one another. Learn how to assert yourself in the context of your relationship and learn how to increase your own self-concept. Discover the tools for your relationship that can help you maintain healthy boundaries and gain knowledge of tools that can help you not only sustain your relationship, but also thrive within it. Call 818.521-1547 for a free 10 minute consultation with Coach Doreen.

Benefits of Working With a Relationship Coach Therapist/Hypnotist

  • All sessions are descreet and confidential
  • No diagnosis or report is made to share with third party
  • See your relationship / marriage from an objective point of view
  • Change pre-existing notions that maintain the problem
  • Modify dysfunctional behavior in your marriage
  • Decrease emotional avoidance
  • Improve communication with proven skills
  • Promote your strengths
  • Learn how to love yourself and in the context of one’s relationship
  • Learn how to forgive and heal your past

Change Is Possible

Effective couples therapy and marriage counseling emphasizes what already works in the relationship, while pointing out areas that perpetuate the problem, in an effort to meet the unique challenges that couples inevitably face. Learning how to create healthy boundaries without suffering and finding something both satisfying and rewarding without hardship is possible.

How Do We Move Forward?

Seeking the support of a therapist (relationship expert) can sometimes seem difficult, if not overwhelming. From the minute you call Coach Doreen’s office to the moment you walk through her office door, you will find comfort in a capable and understanding coach/therapist whose flexibility and knowledge can help you meet your relationship goals.

Coach Doreen Cohanim have created an environment where comfort and privacy are at the forefront, and focus on care to facilitate growth for the couple and for the individuals who desire growth within their relationship.

Much to Gain!

Whether your troubles consist of trust, resentment, or anger management issues that seem to plague the relationship, or it involves a breakdown in communication, intimacy, or compatibility, Coach Doreen Relationship, couples, and marriage counselors can help you reframe your perceived weaknesses as potential strengths from which to move forward in the direction of your goals. Sincerity, compassion, and understanding are not what set us apart. Any effective individual or marriage therapist will provide that. It is with honest reflection, innovation, flexibility, and knowledge of systems and how the mind, body, and spirit interact that give us proven results in couples counseling.

Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

You’re Almost There… Just Call or Email…

Give your relationship the chance it deserves…with real therapy that has been proven to be effective and with someone with over thirty years of recognized experience. Better communication, increased clarity, empowerment in defining where your happiness lies, and learning how to be better to yourself and to the one you love are just the tip of the iceberg of the things you can do with proven, effective marriage and couples counseling.

Call Coach Doreen Now at 818-521-1547 or Email for a free consultation for individual, family, or couples therapy, marriage counseling, pre-marital counseling, or relationship therapy.

This Coach knows her stuff!

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