Hypnosis With Disturbance In The Brain And Epilepsy

In many patients, in spite of exhaustive efforts/investigations, no cause of epilepsy may be located. Such cases are called idiopathic cases of epilepsy. However, an intensive drive is a must to detect any lesion in the brain which could account for an epileptic attack, the reason being, that if the cause of epilepsy is detected, […]


Hypnosis for Vasovagal Syncope- Cardiac Syncope And Epilepsy

Vaso – Vagal Syncope The exact mechanism of syncope is still under study. In this condition, there appears to be a transitory fall in blood pressure due to the failure of peripheral resistance. This momentary fall in blood pressure causes a decreased flow of blood to the brain, leading to syncope, during which time there […]

Sadly some Doctor’s will do anything to give hypnotist a bad name…

I recently saw an article posted by my friend stating that the article will upset the hypnotherapist amount us, but before jumping to conclusion, she suggested to read the article that was written by a P.hD And yes, she was right, it was upsetting! And I was disappointed to read about the lies this so […]

The Formula of Success

 How to use your life power and charge your mind for unlimited success! What is the everlasting question which stands up and looks you and every genuine person directly into their eyes every morning? “How can I better my condition?” That is the real life question which challenges you, and will haunt you every day […]

The Secret of Meditation and Relaxation…

My preference would be to call meditation relaxation – conscious relaxation, chosen relaxation. These are words that are more universally understood, more comfortable. Constantly working toward the goal of discovering my own ability to reach a state of serenity, I have learned to meditate. Meditating is actually easier than you might imagine. Most of us […]

Why exercise doesn’t work…

Why exercise doesn’t work…

Almost everyone knows that if you exercise more you’ll lose weight, right? Why is it then that over 45 million Americans belong to a gym or health club (20 million more than 25 years ago) YET the number of people who are Obese has continually risen to  over 36% (more than 1 out of every […]

Amazing health benefits of Watermelon!

Watermelon and summer are inseparable, one of the best thirst quencher in summer, having 92% of water, full of health benefits with Zero calorie, Zero fat and Zero cholesterol. It is abundant with some of the best anti-oxidants that helps to fight free radicals of the body thereby prevent from various diseases. It cuts the […]

Kindness Equals Happiness

Wouldn’t it be great if you could shop online and buy lifelong happiness? The idea’s not as fanciful as it sounds—as long as whatever you buy is meant for someone else. They’ve been studies done that suggests giving to others makes us happy, even happier than spending on ourselves. And I agree!  Because our kindness does […]

Important Life Lessons, We learn as we Age

Important Life Lessons, We learn as we Age

We often let the little frustrations of each day stop us from appreciating life in the present moment. But, as we grow older, we learn to detach ourselves from the drama and the chaos we once engaged in. As we age, we become more humble about life and are less willing to spend our time […]

Generalized Anxiety Disorder And Hypnosis Solution!

Everyone experiences anxiety at some point. Occasional stress and worry about exams, school, relationships, work, money, health, politics, war  and even are just a normal part of life. However generalized anxiety disorder is an everyday worry over events that can result in serious feelings of distress and anxiety. What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder? GAD is […]